Live Skype Chat with Product Management Executive: Product-Market Fit - Do I Have It?
In this live Skype chat, Greg Wong, seasoned entrepreneur and product manager, will discuss all things product management. For over a decade he has led product groups in both enterprise and consumer facing applications. With his diverse background in robotics, sensors and actuators, data science, software and hardware development, and medical devices, he brings a breadth of knowledge to any organization or talk. He enjoys reading and life hacking in his spare time. He also enjoys time with his family (wife and boy and girl), who he's very thankful for filling the rest of his waking hours. 
He currently holds the position of VP of Product Management at PointCare, a startup in the healthcare insurance market. PointCare provides tools for hospitals and clinics to help find and manage the health coverage for the uninsured

Please contact Lauren McDaniel at 505-661-4862 or [email protected] to sign up to participate. 

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