Today’s presentation is part of the Museum’s community outreach program to keep the public informed and reminded of the Museum’s role in the art history of New Mexico. 

Presenter Lee Manning will discuss historic events such as how the museum began 100 years ago, famous popular artists who have lived in or visited northern New Mexico and have exhibited in the museum, and other influential people who helped establish the art communities of New Mexico. A question and answer session will be a part of the presentation.

Manning is a volunteer docent at the New Mexico Museum of Art, the museum on the northwest corner of the Plaza in Santa Fe with the large clock in front. He was in the US Air Force for 10 years, and his several overseas assignments resulted in his interest in art.  Manning is a photographer, and quite active in the photo community in Santa Fe.  He has been in Santa Fe for 11 years and with the Museum of Art for three years. 

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