Living Allergy-Free with Knoze AllerPops
Are your allergies making you miserable? If you're suffering from headaches, itchy eyes, and stuffed up sinuses, mark your calendars for this event with Dr. Cliff Han. In this seminar, you'll discover:
  • Why we have allergies
  • How you can raise an allergy-free child
  • How to naturally boost your immune system
  • What to do if you already have allergies or an autoimmune disease

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About Dr. Cliff Han

Dr. Cliff Han is the inventor of AllerPops. a breakthrough remedy to control your hay fever ssymptoms. Dr. Han earned his Ph.D in biology from Fudan University. He was trained as a medical doctor in China and worked in a mental hospital for four years. For the next 22 years, he worked as a biologist for Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he participated in the Human Genome Project and authored more than 300 research papers. 

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