Local Climate Reality Leader, Julia Ying, will give a free presentation on The Hero’s Call to Climate Action. The intention is to inform the public in Los Alamos about the climate crisis, its solutions, and a call to action. The choice of this date, Nov 20, is special, as The Climate Reality Project is holding a 24 Hours of Reality, Truth in Action event around the world on Nov 20-21, 2019, when Climate Reality Leaders around the globe will hold climate presentations

Why is climate change happening, and what can we do about it? This presentation aims to be interactive with the audience, engaging them in a discourse about the climate emergency and the global revolution towards a sustainable and equitable future. Latest facts and slides about our warming planet and its consequences, as well as the solutions available will be presented. Ways each of us can take up this urgent call to action will be discussed.

About The Climate Reality Leadership Corps
Members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are our front-line agents for change. These Climate Leaders have been trained by our Founder and Chairman, Former US Vice President Al Gore, and deliver free Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums. Climate Reality presentations educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions. For more info, please visit: The Climate Reality Project, Northern New Mexico Chapter at nnmclimatereality.org. The Climate Reality Project at climatereality.org.

About the Presenter
Julia Ying is a volunteer public speaker trained personally by Former US Vice President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project to present the latest facts and findings about the climate crisis. She will share a multimedia presentation with the latest updates on impacts as well as solutions, and will answer questions and lead a discussion about what we can do to be part of the solution. Julia Ying retired from General Medical Practice in Sydney Australia and is a happy grandmother to 5 grandchildren. She is now living in Los Alamos, NM. She is passionate about taking care of Mother Earth, to preserve the beauty of nature which she loves, and to know her grandchildren can grow up in a safe, stable and sustainable world.

She may be reached at [email protected] or visit the website for more information: www.nnmclimatereality.org