When I started at projectY, I had never had any experience with coworking spaces. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people from different industries, collaborating on projects, and getting advice about work and everyday life. There are plenty of studies and reports about how those who work in a flexible workspace are happier with their jobs and are more productive, and so far my personal experience definitely backs that up.

Before I landed at projectY, I had jobs that I enjoyed even though they weren’t a perfect fit. Days spent in cubicles started to feel really repetitive, and that’s when I realized a few things: first, I needed flexibility; second, I wanted to be productive and creative; and third, that I wanted the chance to grow professionally and personally. What’s great about coworking? Everyone else in the space feels the same way, even when specific goals look a little bit different for each of us. Whatever your goals are, they can feel really far away if you’re spending all of your time in a traditional workspace.

projectY is definitely doing things differently. People are in at any time, so you never know who you’ll meet or have a chat with on any given day. You can also get outside of your work bubble since not everyone in the space works in the same industry. It’s so refreshing to see what kinds of projects other people are working on and brainstorm new ideas with new people, especially when it helps you move your goals closer to reality. We’ve had members who were able to grow their startups into fully-fledged brick and mortar businesses. It’s so great to be a part of their journeys, and it’s exciting to know that there are still so many ideas out in our community.

With COVID-19 and social distancing pushing everyone into working from home, coworking is even more important. I used to think that working from home would be perfect, and it can have its benefits - you can get things done without ever putting pants on! But after doing it for a while, I’m realizing that it can be too much of a good thing. Kids, pets, and household projects definitely don’t respect working hours, and staying focused can be a challenge.

But another benefit of a flexible workspace is that we’re still available online. Sure, it’s not exactly the same, but projectY members are still here for each other. On the days when motivation is non-existent, or when the pile of tasks for the day seems extra challenging, or everything just feels like a distraction, your virtual coworking space can still help keep you on track. Check in with projectY! Say hello to people, get in a quick chat about projects and challenges, and touch base with your community. We’re here to support each other, and even a short break can help you re-focus on whatever you’re working on - pants optional.

If you haven't tried a coworking space yet, check it out! Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery or a chat with a new person to jump-start ideas or recharge your energy. And even though we’re all online for now, projectY is still an exciting place to share ideas. Now more than ever, collaboration and celebrating each other's successes is exactly what we need. If you are interested in learning more comment below and I'll be in touch!

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