projectY cowork Los Alamos member, Di Ye, recently recapped her experience with her intern as part of the Fall Community Internship Collaboration organized by the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos with support from Los Alamos National Laboratory (and also involving students from Los Alamos High School). 
"I came to know Alex Ionkov through the Community Internship Collaboration (CIC) Program as Alex's mentor. Alex is a budding engineering talent from Los Alamos High School and is looking to hone his communication at a workplace setting and apply his programming skills. For few hours a week in Fall 2016, I mentored Alex on developing an online learning tool for my company called ZHENNOVATE, which is a personal and professional development startup. I entrusted Alex with big responsibilities and gave him the space to be an independent problem-solver, and indeed Alex learned quite a bit and picked up few programming languages quickly along the way. In this process, Alex and I were able to build a meaningful relationship as we explored product development cycle, software engineering, professional communication, and the practice of entrepreneurship together.
Coincidentally, Alex also happened to be my student in the Launch Los Alamos (Launch LA) program, where local students learn entrepreneurship skills over 8 weeks and pitched to win prizes at the end. Alex's team eventually won the pitch competition with their local bubble tea business. For Alex, he was able to experience entrepreneurship from the operational side this time. I want to thank the CIC program for giving me an opportunity to integrate with the local community since my recent move into Los Alamos. I'd also like to thank Project Y Cowork Los Alamos for providing a space that is conducive to creativity and productivity for Alex and I to work together in the CIC and Launch LA programs."
The deadline to apply for an intern for Spring is Dec. 21; contact [email protected] for an application!

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