COVID-Safe Practices 

at projectY cowork Los Alamos

To keep everyone safe and healthy upon re-opening, projectY cowork has adopted some new policies. Everyone who uses this space must agree to these, as we are all in this together. 

What We Ask Of You: 

Entering the Space

If you feel sick, please stay home. We want to make sure all of our members stay healthy. Also, if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or is otherwise sick, assume you may be sick as well and isolate yourself for the recommended 14 days. 

Please continue to use the sign-in sheet at the front desk when you use the space, in the event we need to do contact tracing. It is advised you bring your own pen to sign in, or use hand sanitizer before touching it. 

Mask Policy

Per NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Los Alamos residents age 2 and over must now wear masks while in public. We will follow this order at projectY cowork; and members should wear a mask when in the presence of others, except when eating, drinking, or unless otherwise advised by a healthcare provider. If you do not have one, we will provide one to you complimentary, as a member of our space. 

Work Spaces Should Be Wiped Down

Since our space has a majority of open seating that multiple people use on a daily basis, we ask that you wipe down the space after you are done working for the day. This will ensure the next person who comes in has a sanitized place to work. projectY will provide readily accessible sanitizing wipes. 

High-touch surfaces should be cleaned more often by both members and the community manager. Common high-touch surfaces include: 

● Doorknobs

● Coffee pot

● TV remotes

● Conference room tables

● Conference phones

● Coffee maker

● Phone booth

● Light Switches

● Faucet knobs and handles

● Cabinet, drawer and fridge knobs/handles

● Chair arms

● Copier/printer/scanner control buttons

● Shared office supplies (pens for sign in, staplers)

Maintain Adequate Physical Distances

We are not going to call it social distancing, as one of the major benefits of coworking is social interaction. It is still recommended, however, that you stay at least 6 feet apart from each other to help prevent the spread of the virus. At projectY cowork, we will be arranging the work spaces so the physical distancing will be easier to accomplish. All we ask is please do not rearrange the furniture without first talking to the community manager. 

Coffee and Snacks

The usual pre-wrapped snacks will be available, we just ask that you try to only touch the ones that you will take. Coffee is available as well via the Keurig, pour-over, and french press. If you use the Keurig please wipe it down after use. If you use the pour-over or the french press please wash them after you are finished. 

Kitchen and Dishes

Please rinse and then put your dishes into the dishwasher when you are done eating. At this time we request that you not wash items by hand, please. The dishwasher will be run every other day on the “sanitize” setting, or when needed. Again, like with any of the other common surfaces, please wipe down the surfaces that you come into contact with.

projectY will also provide single-use plates, cups and utensils, for those who prefer to use them. The fridge should only be used for individual use; for now we are eliminating the shared shelf.

Additional Steps Being Taken:

Cleaning Common Spaces and Surfaces

The community manager and staff will make sure projectY is clean and sanitized before and after working hours. To minimize potential exposure, we will be removing all shared pens and dry erase markers on the tables for now. If you need a pen or markers, please check them out with the community manager, who will be wiping them down after each use. 

During the day common spaces will be sanitized periodically or as needed. Sanitizing wipes will also be available and placed around the space as well. If you use the space after working hours, please make sure to wipe down all surfaces that you come into contact with. This includes tables and countertops, light switches, doorknobs and any items in the kitchen, including fridge handles. 

projectY cowork will also post health department templates to ensure adherence to cleaning and personal hygiene guidelines. To help minimize spread of COVID, we will be cleaning all surfaces a minimum of twice daily. We will post the times of what has been cleaned and when it was completed. 

Masks, PPE and Disinfectant 

projectY cowork will continue to provide sanitizer and disinfectant for users of our coworking space. We will also provide face masks to those who need one. Our cleaning service will be regularly cleaning the space in addition to our own regular cleaning checks.   

Maximum Occupancy 

projectY will follow state orders around maximum occupancy of the building during the various phases of reopening. As of 5/16/20, this means we will operate at 25% capacity, calculated based on fire code occupancy. The community manager will be monitoring to ensure we do not exceed capacity.  

Events and Conference Room Use 

projectY is suspending events in the space for now. Those who wish to use the conference room may do so if the meeting has no more than 4 individuals. Larger meetings of up to 5 people may take place in the main space, but proper social distancing and PPE must be worn at all times.

We will be featuring a new ROOM phone booth shortly. This is appropriate for 1 person at a time, for private calls. Please sanitize the table, handle and chair after leaving the booth; the projectY community manager will likewise ensure sanitation procedures are being followed.  

Improved Ventilation to Minimize Potential for Exposure

To increase air circulation and minimize door handle touchpoints, the community manager will strive to keep doors open as much as possible at projectY, as weather and comfort allow. 


If we identify potential exposure, we will notify all members and users who have been to the space as soon as possible via email, and when possible, phone as well. We ask that your contact information is updated with us - ideally both email and phone. Please send updates to [email protected]. Likewise, if you have tested positive, or have been in close contact with someone who has, please notify our community manager.   

Please refer to the All Together New Mexico: New Mexico COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers packet for additional guidance on how to stay safe as the state prepares to reopen the economy. 

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We strive to make the space enjoyable, productive and safe for everyone! 

Christina McCormick 

projectY cowork Los Alamos 

Community and Marketing Manager 

[email protected]


Lauren McDaniel

Los Alamos MainStreet 


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