1. Tell me about yourself and how you came to Los Alamos.

I moved to Los Alamos from Santa Fe with my husband and two children in 2016. We learned that our daughter would be interning at LANL, and we decided to embark on the adventure together. We had visited Los Alamos on a trip with our friends as tourists, and we loved the city's charm and the incredible scenic views. So, packed up and parked ourselves here in Los Alamos!

2. What is your business, who do you serve and what services or products do you offer?

Crowfeather Cleaning is a commercial cleaning service. We serve Los Alamos county and surrounding areas including Jemez Springs and Santa Fe. Our offices are centrally located in the LACDC Small Business Center where we employ a growing team of cleaning technicians that provide professional cleaning services including floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, one time and routine office and facility cleaning, and we now offer CleanSpace SM disinfection services. Our residential cleaning rollout was planned for April, and due to the current Covid protocols we have delayed our start date. We will continue to provide updates of offerings at our website, www.crowfeathercleaning.com.

3. What are your goals for your business?

We want to be a dependable service to our community, and we are very focused on building our business foundation. I am looking forward to putting that "For Hire" sign up again.  We have managed to stay afloat in these uncertain times, but we are still working hard to grow our team and our ability to serve our community seamlessly. Our company mission statement is, "Caring for our community one clean space at a time!", and it is most certainly a team effort!  I am so blessed to have the help of my family to assist me in creating a brand that we enjoy working for. We are very excited even in this current storm, for what the future holds!

4.  Why did you choose to be a small business owner?

I like to solve problems. That is actually what has been a primary driver for me, the challenge of solving problems and the freedom to find solutions for problems.  I really had to by pushed by circumstances to step out and get that business license. I really wasn't sure what my objective was, and creating the business plan is really invaluable to keeping yourself centered on what you told others you would do, simply to keep yourself on course. In Los Alamos, I had a difficult time finding work that I really enjoyed, returned to school here in town and began thinking that I might take a risk and go into business for myself. I love caring for others, and coming up with ways to do that better in whatever capacity I happen to be in at the time. I can recall years ago teaching high school aged kids to properly bag groceries in a paper and plastic bag while working as a HR Coordinator for a grocery chain. I taught them that when we take a task like bagging groceries, and think of how our society values the role or the person filling the role we can be discouraged from doing our best. After all, who sends their son or daughter into the world to become a professional courtesy clerk. Perhaps a few, but let's be honest about how we view the work. But how we view the service itself, determines what we think of the entire shopping experience. To the manager of the store, that is everything. Teaching these young adults, to make a devalued task the MOST important thing that they do will change our store! And it did! Our team was the best at sacking groceries and loading them into the car. The shopping was so seamless for our customers, that they paid a little more for the experience. I absolutely LOVED finding a solution for the problem I was faced with, which was reducing the turnover of our courtesy clerks. Well, they weren't treated well. It because they provided poor service. That poor service was a result of inadequate training. That poor service resulted in unhappy customers and unhappy bosses. Ultimately, the employee moved on to something that appeared to be more rewarding. In recalling the successes of my past career, I found my new passion. Become a business owner, create a company that employees want to work for and build a brand that a customer can trust. HA! It is like the challenge that never ends, but it is certainly never boring and the limits are up to me to push. Challenge accepted!

5. What is one thing that as a small business owner, you would tell our community?

We look forward to continuing to add value to our community's residents and businesses through caring for our team and always striving to provide services that exceed expectation. We received our startup funding from within our community, through a small business grant from Self Help Los Alamos. With our community in mind, we put time, thought and care into the details of our client experience. It is always a work in progress, and we have made our share of mistakes along the way but we are always encouraged by our clients who have been a great source of support and kindness as we grow.

6. What do you like best about working in Los Alamos?

What I enjoy most about working in Los Alamos, is that it is so unique! We have a community that offers something new every day, and some of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen! We are working in a place where people bring their family to vacation, and my office has a window.

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