These past 2 ½ weeks, while in the newest shutdown, really helped me see the difference between working from home vs. working at projectY. Here are my top 5 reasons why I love coworking instead of working at home.

1- Less Distractions

When you are working from home there are a variety of different distractions and unlike distractions in an office they are not easily ignorable. 

While I was working from home, I tried to multitask and do ALL the things. I saw laundry and dishes and saw that shelf I wanted to organize plus complete all the daily tasks for my job. Plus I have kids and pets...they wanted to go outside and play, needed help on homework or wanted to watch a movie or play a game. 

Also for some strange reason my girls thought since I was home that I could give them my complete attention and fix multiple snacks for them the entire day. My oldest is only 7 so it is hard to explain that even though I am home I still have to work and I am not just “playing” on my computer like she thinks. 

2- More Productive

Being back at my desk just for one day, I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish. While I was at home I had so many ideas floating around and I would write them down but felt I wasn’t able to dive deep into creating something concrete. 

Now that I am back, I feel more productive because of the energy in the space. I can also turn to one or more of the members and bounce ideas off of them to see if it makes sense or would be a good idea.

3- Energy

Working from home is exhausting. I noticed more and more everyday that I just needed a nap and some days I would give in and take one when it was quiet time with my girls. I realize now that I was more exhausted working from home because I felt like I did indeed need to do ALL the things on all my to-do lists. 

Going into projectY it is easier to just focus on my work tasks and therefore having more energy throughout the day. Not to mention that, projectY has a plethora of coffee choices and tea to add that extra oomph to make it to the end of the day.

4- Quality and Quantity of Work

Working in projectY, I don’t have the distractions or temptations like I do at home so I was able to get twice as much done and I felt more confident on the level and quality of my completed work. With my productivity levels up I can get more done, go more into detail, as well as have time to look over my work again to make edits and improvements.

5- Community

Coworking means working solo but not alone. The members that come into projectY cowork are all so unique and inspirational and create such an amazing community to be a part of. It is a chance to collaborate with others in different industries and see how their points of view can aid in your own work.

 It was so isolating working from home and not having any socialization with other adults. I was beginning to talk to my animals and expecting my children to talk to me about something other than whatever cartoon they are currently watching. Coworking does not just add socialization back into your life but support as well. 

If you have not tried coworking yet I encourage you to try it today! Book a tour and get a free day pass to try it for yourself. For more information contact me at [email protected] or 505-661-4862.

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