2020 was a tough year. So many changes and nothing any one has ever experienced before. This past year has kept me on my toes both professionally and personally and I am ready for a new year! Are you ready?

New Year’s resolutions are something to aspire to and everyone makes them. Remember that when setting goals you want to make them attainable because there’s no worse feeling than disappointment in yourself. SMART goals are definitely the way to go!

S- Specific

What is your goal? You need to be specific. Having a vague or broad goal is not going to help you. If you have a broad idea of what you want to do or see, can you break it up into more manageable parts?

M- Measurable

How will you know if you met your goal? Say my goal is to save money for a purchase or a vacation, when do I know if I have saved enough? I can measure how much I save by looking at the amount I deposit into my account. Can you track where you are at reaching your goal?

A- Achievable

Can it be done? This is the hardest step for me because I have big dreams but not all the requirements to make my dreams come true. I have a knack for setting the bar too high and then getting disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Like “Christina, you don’t have $1 million to buy that to make you dream come true”. Make sure that when you set a goal that it can be done with what you have. 

R- Realistic

Is it something that you can do? When I was teaching I used to give the example of going to the moon as my goal. It may be achievable in today’s world but it isn’t very realistic for me. Will it help me get to where I want to be?

T- Timeline

When do you want to be done? Set a deadline and keep to it. Make time to check in and see how you are progressing, this will help you get a better picture if you will meet your deadline.

Now that 2021 has started, what is your goal? How can projectY help you be successful at reaching your goals? Contact us today for more info! Call 505-661-4862 or email [email protected] today!

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