Places & Spaces Los Alamos, a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) community organization, has provided a small grant to support activities at projectY cowork. The grant is consistent with Places & Spaces' agenda of supporting places and spaces for community in Los Alamos County.

“We’re interested in providing seed funding to organizations or initiatives whose efforts are focused on trying to improve the places and spaces in Los Alamos County for community use and interaction,” said Kevin Holsapple, a Board member. “We consider providing financial support which will typically ranges from $200-$1,000 to initiatives consistent with this agenda. We are open to considering a broad range of ideas that could include public art, public meeting and event spaces, businesses that support community interactions, park and playground enhancements, and other ideas promoting or enhancing places and spaces for community.”

Places & Spaces mission statement conveys that the group wants to “promote vibrant community in Los Alamos through supporting the creation and development of amenities, places, and spaces for community social interaction.” According to Holsapple, Places & Spaces prefers smaller projects where their funds can make more of an impact, as well as those which have a cohort of people and energy supporting it – as opposed to a one-person effort. When possible, the group also likes to provide matching funds for projects so the initiatives can have a larger impact for the community.

“We like to look for some evidence that there’s broader community interest,” explained Holsapple.

If someone has an idea for improving a place or space, or is looking to bounce around ideas for potential enhancements to the community, Holsapple said the ‘Places & Spaces – Los Alamos’ Facebook page is a great venue in which to spark conversation and dialogue.

If you’re interested in donating to Places & Spaces — in general, or for a specific cause — donations are fully tax deductible and you may contact the group through their Facebook page or by email.

Places & Spaces Los Alamos

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