Feb. 15 Professional Headshots Day

To help the local business community enhance their personal branding in 2017, projectY cowork and Paulina Gwaltney Photography have recently partnered to offer an Open House for professional headshots.

On Wednesday, Feb. 15 from noon to 7 p.m. at her studio at 3500 Trinity Dr, Ste D1, local photographer Paulina Gwaltney will be taking walk-ins for headshots sittings, which will take approximately 15 minutes per customer. On that day, all individuals in need of a new professional portrait will receive a $101 credit, which will bring the cost of a headshot to only $99.* All clients will be presented with three quality headshots from which to choose.

So if you haven’t even thought twice about updating your own personal branding within the last five years (or perhaps more), consider a new headshot in 2017. Gwaltney is also offering custom packages for small business and corporate teams for individual headshots and group photos (in-studio or on-location at your place of business). Visit her website at www.paulinagwaltney.com or contact her at [email protected] for more information.

Videos of What to Expect: 
From the Photographer: Recommendations Before Your Appointment:
I always highly recommend getting professional hair and makeup for my female clients. If you need recommendations for a local stylist in town, prices tend to vary between $80 to $175. Photoshoot makeup is very different from what you wear everyday.
1. No lipstick, just lip gloss. Lipstick drys lips very quickly.
2. No contouring; contouring is awful for portrait photographs, you will look bruised.
3. No blushes, powders or  anything on your face with golden/sun glow in name; those cosmetics have a pigment which will make you look orange. Stick to rose blush, if you use blush. 
4. No eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, as you will end up looking like a raccoon. If you want to contour your eye on a bottom, please do it half way with mat brown eye-shadow. You eyes will look fresh and big.
5. No clumpy mascara. If you need to volumize your eyelashes apply a little mascara, then apply translucent powder, let it dry and apply another layer of mascara. Brush and repeat if needed.
6. Stick with mat eye shadow, as it is most flattering in photos.
7. When applying foundation make sure to do it with a brush/ sponge and all they way to your neck.
Please make sure there is no chipped nail polish. 
If you have roots, take care of them before the shoot. It's always good to have a fresh color and cut for a session. 
Clean-cut and shave is highly recommended.
Stick to solid colors (they are timeless) and more fitted clothing. Loose clothing will make you look bigger than you are. 
For Company/Team Photos:
Gwaltney needs an understanding of the business needs before scheduling a company/team photoshoot. In general, for larger projects, she will schedule an individual consultation. She will need to know:
1. Number of employees to be photographed 
2. If there is a specific backdrop color required for headshots
3. If the company needs lifestyle images (people working, interacting with clients etc.)
4. If there are any specific images (per industry) required for website and social media
The company should also keep in mind the following questions: 
- Are you finished decorating your space?
- Are you set on your location (or maybe thinking about moving)?
- Did you communicate with your marketing/graphic design team on what they need for website and social media?
- Are there any changes coming up that would influence the library of images to become outdated fairly quickly? 
*Price does not include tax. 

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