Machine Learning Meetup

Work session for Coursera "Machine Learning" ( by Andrew Ng of Stanford. This free course is the "go to" resource on learning AI. Anyone interested in Machine Learning is welcome to sign up for the course and attend the work sessions. We will try to keep up with the published course schedule (May 1st-July 16th).  The material is available online so students joining later can catch up as needed.

The Los Alamos meetup will plan to meet on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 p.m. and on Friday during lunch (12-1 p.m.) starting May 12. 

If you want to get a certificate for completing the course, which might be handy on a resume, the cost for the course is $79.  There does not seem to be any immediate need to decide on that - Coursera seems happy for you to convert your free course to a paid course at any point (certainly in the early stages).

For additional information, contact meetup lead Jim Redman at jredman AT

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