Bring Love to Your Finances: A Workshop for Couples

Talking about money is one of the trickiest conversations couples struggle with. Empower yourself by hearing each others’ values and bringing your actions into alignment. In this dual presentation, you’ll learn from Financial Coach, Pi Luna and Relationship Coach, Nameh Marsin practicals for developing a budget and gain insights for what can help you and your partner reach consensus. 

Take aways: 

  • Explore how personal values lead to spending habits, including your motivations around spending
  • Learn how to communicate with you partner around differences to find a common ground
  • Build a budget to bring objectivity and clarity to your relationship
  • Create long-term financial goals with your partner
  • Manage debt and increase savings
  • Navigate financial monkey wrenches
  • Hear whether decisions are being made from an emotional space versus financial reality
  • Sense why sticking to a budget has been a struggle

The workshop is $39 per individual or $59 per couple. A copy of Pi Luna’s book “Budgeting Basics” is included in the price of either individual or couple registration.

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