The SCORE/City of Santa Fe 2016-2017 Education Series will soon be open for free registration. Here are the seminars and workshops they will be offering this Fall and into the Spring.

FALL 2016 (Mid-September through mid-October)

The McGyver Secret of Business Success – Seminar

Lee David Zlotoff, an award-winning filmmaker and creator of the original hit TV series McGyver, will share the secret he's pioneered for tapping into your most creative and powerful ability to solve the problems and meet the challenges of small business operation and management.  

Creating the Passionate Customer Experience – Seminar

Dan Sundt, chief eXperience officer, CXO Marketing, Inc. (Lake Orion, MI), will return to Santa Fe to redefine customer service as a way of creating memorable customer experiences to enhance customer loyalty, generate more frequent visits from happy customers and their contacts, and increase sales.

Winning with Engaged Employees – Seminar

This seminar, taught by human resources expert Fred Disch, will reveal to small business owners the tools they need to transform their employees into powerful allies in providing extraordinary customer service and increasing business.

Social Media Strategies – Seminar

Social Media marketing is not a one size fits all proposition. Learn social media basics from an expert, from the importance of great websites and how to use Facebook through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Constant Contact, and the rest, and gain an understanding of which social media tools, properly used, will help create success for your business.


SPRING 2017 (April and May)

The Robust Website - Seminar

Learn website basics and great SEO techniques to generate more business from Santa Fe web designer and expert Hope Kiah.

Crowdfunding – Seminar

Rewards-based crowdfunding has proven to be a winning strategy for New Mexico businesses and nonprofits. This seminar will provide guidance about when to use crowdfunding as well as tips and tools for building a successful crowdfunding campaign at any stage in your business's life cycle.

Growing your Nonprofit – Panel Seminar

Move beyond mere survival to a thriving nonprofit with an engaged board of directors, a committed staff, and a robust fundraising and marketing effort in order to deliver on your organization's vision and mission. Taught by a panel of nonprofit experts led by Mike Mendez.

Creating a Marketing Plan – Seminar

Evolve beyond a "build it and they will come" approach to marketing by learning how to define your best market as well as capitalize on knowing your customers:  who they are, where they live, and what they want as well as the best ways to reach them.

Business Plans and Cash Flow – Workshop

Bring your business plan draft and your preliminary business budget and learn, hands-on, essential basics of how to develop a winning business plan and the financial budgeting and forecasting skills essential to insuring your business success.

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? - Seminar

Do you have the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes essential for business success?  Learn what experts know about launching a business that will thrive.

Funding and Borrowing – Resource Panel Seminar

Do you need capital to launch or grow your business? This information-rich seminar will acquaint you with funding alternatives available to New Mexico businesses, from small, short-term loans to large-scale, collateralized financing, and the skills and tools you need to succeed in raising the funds you need.

WordPress – Workshop

Bring your laptop and get acquainted with WordPress and how you can use this powerful site-building tool to create a website to maximize hits, generate sales and customer visits, and ensure success for your business or nonprofit.


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