As we enter a new year, projectY will be making some adjustments to a few of its select products and services. At the same time, the coworking space will also be offering additional new membership plans to expand the scope of its services to a broader population interested in using the downtown workplace.

Changes to Existing Pricing

Drop-In Day Pass 

The price is increasing from $10 / day to $20 / day. This is intended to encourage individvuals to purchase a punchcard instead ($75 for 10 day passes), and consequently spend more time in the coworking environment to reap the most benefits. 

Nonprofit Space Usage After-Hours

As projectY was introducing the concept of coworking to the community, nonprofits were encouraged to use the main event space free of charge for after-hours activities and fundraising efforts.

As of 2018, nonprofits will be required to pay $25 / hour (which is 50% off the for-profit hourly rate of $50). This will only apply to new reservations made in 2018, not those previously scheduled. We are confident this is still an affordable, reasonable rate that also allows us to maintain our overhead costs. 

Event Fees

projectY typcially hosts events in the community for free. In 2018, projectY will continue to host many complimentary entrepreneurial and related workshops and classes, but may charge a minimal fee for select events. Members of projectY will receive discounts and other perks in applicable circumstances.  

New Membership Options

Bethe Plan: Weekends-Only 

This new price plan will accommodate those who need access to a comfortable facility, with amenities, on the weekends only. 

$75 for access up to 10 days a month | weekends only

Compton Plan: Evening-Weekends Only

This new price plan will accommodate parents, who may be caring for children during the day, and others who only need evening and weekend access. 

$150 for up to 14 days a month | evenings and weekends only

Please contact Lauren at [email protected] or 505-661-4862 with any questions. 


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