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Los Alamos, NM — June 30, 2016 — projectY cowork Los Alamos today announced that it has partnered with All Good Work (AGW) to create a residency program for social impact organizations.  The program offers the support of the All Good Work community and a portion of the projectY workspace to deserving organizations. Applications for an AGW residency at projectY cowork are open until Monday July 25*, after which time All Good Work narrows down applicants and one member will receive full-time access to the space from Aug. 1 to Feb. 1.

“We’re excited to partner with All Good Work to assist a local New Mexico business with their workspace and resource needs,” said Lauren McDaniel, director of projectY cowork Los Alamos. “Those driven by a mission of achieving social good are an inspiration in any community, which is why we’ve donated a full-time, 6-month membership to All Good Work as they ramp up their exciting new venture and help us identify those most in need of affordable workspace.”

All Good Work was started by three veterans in coworking and the concept of shared office space — Nate Heasley, Tony Bacigalupo, and Frank Cottle —  and with them bring resources to assist small businesses and nonprofits. Tony Bacigalupo is the cofounder of New York City's first dedicated coworking space, New Work City; Cottle is the founder of Alliance Business Centers Network; and Heasley has been active in social entrepreneurship in New York since 2007, when he founded an organization called Goodnik to provide resources and support to early-state social impact organizations, nonprofit organizations and promote social responsibility in the private sector.

"All Good Work gives coworking spaces the opportunity to support a great cause,” said Heasley. “We match coworking spaces with vetted social impact organizations, help them measure their impact, and provide a corporate social responsibility program at no cost to the coworking partner. By being part of a global network of spaces that donate, the impact is amplified exponentially, and the opportunities for recognition are even greater."

Participating AGW residents pay a $50 program management fee to AGW, compared to the normal $199 per month membership rate at projectY. They likewise receive membership and support from AGW’s global network that will help encourage their organization’s success, publicity for the respective organization’s work and mission, as well as feedback and impact analysis through the duration of the program.

"This program is going to do a lot of good for everyone involved,” said Bacigalupo, who also serves as the director at Open Coworking, a nonprofit that advocates for coworking worldwide. “Coworking communities can be tremendously valuable, so it will be great to see passionate people be able to access what they need to thrive in their efforts towards doing a social good.”

Heasley added that one of the other great advantages to participating residents is the opportunity to be in an environment of entrepreneurs and business professionals. Just being in one of these coworking spaces leads to a lot of learning opportunities, introductions to potential supporters, pro-bono services, and donors.

“While residents are in a business environment, they are also part of the greater All Good Work community, so they can reach out to other program participants to get help with problems specific to the social impact world. The benefits are so much greater than just a place to work," said Heasley.  

About All Good Work

All Good Work is a collaboration between like-minded people and their aligned organizations. We collectively have conspired to develop a program that is simple but tremendously impactful, by creating a better avenue for workspaces to offer their unused space to deserving organizations that could use a boost. For more information, visit

About projectY cowork Los Alamos

projectY cowork Los Alamos, a collaborative coworking space located at 150 Central Park Square in Los Alamos, New Mexico, is an initiative between Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Feynman Center for Innovation and Community Relations & Partnerships Office, and Central Park Square owner Philip Kunsberg. It serves as a hub for startups, freelancers and others to be connected to like-minded entrepreneurs, business experts, investors and mentors who will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. For more information, visit


NOTE: Deadline has been extended to Aug. 10 at 5 p.m. MDT.

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