Guest Post Courtesy of Mandy Marksteiner:
Have you ever tried to sell something to an engineer or a scientist?
It’s not impossible, they buy things every day. But the process of marketing to an engineer can be different. 
That’s why I was so excited to meet Kevin Rokosh, the “engineer’s copywriter” and the author of  Writing to Reach Engineers; the Top 7 strategies,(Which is available on his website, here). He specializes in writing business to business sales copy for other engineers. 
He was generous enough to offer his insights into how to make marketing materials that appeal to engineers.
Mandy: What do companies need to understand when they are marketing to engineers?
Kevin: They need to understand the nature of engineers. We are problem solvers. And we like to solve problems on our own.
So your marketing needs to make it possible for your customers to learn about your products and services in such a way that they are coming up with solutions on their own, and moving toward an understanding of the problems that they are trying to solve, until he reaches a point where he realizes that he needs help. He’s going to have to buy something.
When you’re informing engineers about your products, you don’t want to make the sale too soon – because you can turn them off. Because most engineers don’t like dealing with sales people too soon, and if they get a phone call from a sales person before they’re ready it will be a problem.
Engineers are trained to solve problems, so you need to give them the tools and the information that they need to solve the problem.
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