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projectY cowork Los Alamos community member Mark Ortega is a local entrepreneur changing how companies connect with customers. As Chief Technology Officer with AttendMe, he’s helping launch a new product that allows businesses to instantly connect with customers face-to-face by leveraging real-time video chat.

Today, many companies have made their online experience about facts, figures and clicks. Although convenient at times, it’s an impersonal way to communicate about products and services. AttendMe’s technology switches up the traditional model of website communications, highlighting that businesses are not only about the color, size and price of a product they sell, but also about the people who sell it, who make it, who deliver it and who support it. AttendMe aims to personalize online customer connections by enabling companies to greet their customers online with a smile, and from both mobile and desktop devices.

“With AttendMe video chat available on a company’s website, in an employee’s email signature or on social media, customers feel empowered to reach a business from the channel they prefer,” says Mark. “No software installation or advance registration means customers have easy, one-click access to see and talk with a real person at the organization. Employees can then leverage their smartphone or tablet camera to show remote customers their store, products, services, or people behind the business.”

According to Mark, these features aim to help companies and organizations increase online conversions and the average order size, as well as improve customer loyalty. According to eMarketer, with a personalized, guided online experience, businesses average 25% more sales. Likewise, a similar eMarketer study determined that 63% of respondents who chatted live with an agent said they were more likely to return to the site, and 62% reported being more likely to purchase again.

Want to try AttendMe for free? Check out the widget on the projectY cowork Los Alamos website at, the hyperlink in my email signature, or visit to sign up!

Mark has expertise in product management, project management, software development, cloud computing and mobile app development, and says that he loves working with startups, new technology and passionate people.

Connect with Mark at [email protected].


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