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LAUNCH Los Alamos is an incubator held over an 8-week period for high school students with entrepreneurial passions to learn, innovate and launch their product or service. We are looking for students that are resourceful, team-oriented, and committed to executing their startup from launch to sustainability. There is no minimum GPA, test scores, or class rank needed to apply. Accepted students are provided with a comprehensive business curriculum and access to game changers in technology, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship fields.

LAUNCH LA graduates leave with the resources needed to develop their startup ideas, as well as crucial entrepreneurial skills like leadership, teamwork, and funding.

Tentative Timelines:

Application Deadline: August 4, 2017. For more information and to apply, visit http://losalamosdevelopment.com/business/launchla/

Program Length: September 16, 2017 to November 4, 2017 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

PROGRAM - Participants register through the online application. They have the choice of completing a Founder application or a Partner application. These are two different applications since the purposes are different.

CATEGORIES - A Founder is any high school student with a business idea, venture, or prototype that is new or existing. A Partner is a high school student that wants to gain the entrepreneurial skillset and support other ventures within the program. After the application process, students chosen for participation will receive a letter in the mail to be interviewed by LACDC staff and informed of the benefits of the program.

NEWSLETTERS - All students, in program or not, that has an entrepreneurial spirit will be able to sign up for the newsletter. It will contain tips, interviews from the leading site for teen businesses and events hosted by

LAUNCH LA. EVENTS - Parents will be a critical component in the success and commitment of each participant. We have one event deemed a ‘family night’ for participants and family members. Parents will have the opportunity to meet and speak with LACDC staff and other participants or mentors of the program. Parents will also be invited to watch the Pitch Day and the Demo day if they so desire. 2017 Course Description: The program requires a time commitment of two hours per week.

Each course will focus on a different phase of startup development. During each session students will implement given instruction at that time. We have the capacity to accept 20 students maximum into the program.

Sept 16: The Start-Up Intellect – What makes an entrepreneur successful and what creates the mindset of a startup founder [Finding a good Idea, Finding the Value of the Idea in the Market, and How to fit into the Startup Culture]. Students will also learn about the critical components of a business plan and types of business structures.

Sept 23: Designing Your Start-Up — The important elements of website designing, the user experience and design basics. [Research market/industry of business venture, design layout of website, branding and constructing a pipeline of the user experience]

Sept 30: Networking— This section encompasses all the skills to close deals and skills needed to network among professionals. Included in this session is the importance if direct response copywriting [How to negotiate to get what you want, how to sell utilizing relationship sales and how to ace talking to investors/how to pitch to anyone].

Oct 7: Financial Education— Students will learn basic economics, business banking needs, and the basics of a financial model. [Types of capital, business loans, accounting and budgeting] Oct 14: Business Scaling— This focuses on creating business models that easily generate revenues without adding massive costs. Students will also learn about defining a target audience and marketing to your target audience. [A/B Testing to ensure the best results].

Oct 21: Team Building— — This focuses on how to be a leader and building the proper team for their company. Classmates will work in teams while canvassing local businesses for clues on a scavenger hunt. The challenge should instill leadership, team building and delegation of tasks within each Founder or Partner.

Oct 28: Leadership— This focuses on how to be a leader for the team for their company. Students will also learn how to negotiate deals and present to investors. [Practice pitching their company with prototype if applicable to classmates].

Nov 4: Pitch Day Prepared and polished students will pitch their company to program sponsors and investors. [Top 3 founders will receive monies to continue business development or other business needs]

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